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My Analysis and Rebuttals on Sacha Baron Cohen’s Social Media Policy Proposals

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On November 21 2019, Borat Star Sacha Baron Cohen gave his keynote address to the ADL’s Never is Now Summit on Anti-Semitism and Hate.

In it, he takes aim at social media companies for their role in facilitating rising hatred and misinformation. Further, he posits solutions that touch on free speech rights and technological feasibility.

This article is my analysis. I will be focusing only on what I can definitively say is true, and will be leaving inferences out to prevent my bias from influencing my ability to be impartial. …

A Comprehensive Guide to Online Account Security

Grandpa Simpson Asking Homer Simpson, “What’s my password? — Facepalm
Grandpa Simpson Asking Homer Simpson, “What’s my password? — Facepalm

Recently I was observing my friends trying to log in to their accounts. ‘Trying’ being the operative word. I’m always stunned by how poor the average person’s online security is against the unauthorised, but also how impressive their security is against themselves.

This article will first cover some background information on passwords: their importance, how to create a good one, and why using one password across accounts doesn’t work. I will then provide three solutions: Two-Step Verification, Password Managers and Password Database Breach Monitoring.

By the end of the article, you should have learned how to secure all your online…

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